Financial Risk Prediction for Better Counterparty Credit Decisions

Organizations need to accurately assess credit default risk when evaluating business opportunities – being too conservative loses business unnecessarily, and too liberal loses money. Both ends hurt business performance and damage the credit manager’s reputation.

Credit managers need accurate, long-range financial predictions to support growth by extending the most favorable terms to stable counterparties while avoiding companies with significant bankruptcy risk. This is especially challenging with long timeframes, complex pricing, and sales deadline pressures.

We create highly predictive financial reports for over

61,000 counterparties worldwide every day for our customers.

Credit managers use our AI software to predict 90% of counterparty bankruptcies two years in advance

They improve business growth by:

Understanding financial viability counterparties

Awarding the most favorable terms to stable counterparties

Getting Sales onboard through reports showing the probability of default and its root causes

Act Now to View Your Counterparty Risk

15 minutes from now, you will have two years of financial visibility for your counterparties and lead your organization to stronger business growth.

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