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We have decades of financial data on 63,000 public companies in every equity market in the world, plus many private companies have shared their data with the customers they choose, data that we treat with strict confidentiality.

We get public data from third party data providers that collectively have the latest financial statement and market data on every public company in the world. We provide our predictive reports on public companies with no effort at all on your part.


For private companies, our customers use our financial spreadsheet template to collect financial information from private companies such as suppliers, and then upload the completed templates into our secure website. Our risk models validate and analyze private company financial data to produce predictive reports. Private data stays confidential and is accessible only by your organization. We never share private data with others.

We created PredictLens™, a set of proprietary Machine Learning risk models, AI text analytics and AI narrative analytics technologies. PredictLens™ operates in a Big Data technology environment, including long-term historical equity price, financial statement and media data, to predict the likelihood of financial distress and bankruptcy.

Simply sign up, select companies for your portfolio, provide payment information and download your reports from your personal, tailored reporting portal.

Yes, accounts are free and available to anyone. 

Our reports are generated instantaneously for any public company in the world.

Absolutely. We update every report automatically every week for changes in equity prices and the latest available financial statements.

The financial information for every public company worldwide is standardized taking into account country financial reporting differences so that all comparisons, ratios, and analysis are made on the same basis. As a result, the FinancialHealth Report™ (FHR) shows standardized amounts that may differ somewhat compared to the raw reported results.


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