Financial Risk Prediction
for Better Operational Performance

Third parties are an extension of your business and brand, and Risk Managers are responsible for ensuring the organization is aware of third-party financial risks. When a key partner or supplier is in financial collapse, it’s too late to contain the damage to operational performance, revenue, regulatory requirements and reputation.

Yet a third party is usually within weeks of failure before their months-old financial statements or credit reports indicate significant bankruptcy risk.

We create highly predictive financial reports for over

65,000 third parties every day for our customers.

Enterprise Risk managers use our AI software to predict 90% of third-party bankruptcies two years in advance

They improve operational performance by:

Understanding financial viability for each third party

Executing contingency plans for third parties at risk

Incorporating easy-to-understand financial risk reports into third-party strategies and reviews

Act Now to View Your Third-Party Risks

15 minutes from now, you will have two years of financial risk visibility and lead your organization to better operational performance by avoiding third parties that fail.

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