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Includes 20 Basic and 1 Pro Financial Health Reports (FHR) for a total of 21 public companies worldwide.

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Compare Basic vs Pro

Basic Pro

Types of Companies Covered



Basic Pro

Public & Private Financial Analysis

3 Years of P&L, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow

Liquidity Ratios, Trends & Charts

Solvency Ratios, Trends & Charts

Asset Performance Ratios, Trends & Charts

Profitability Ratios, Trends & Charts

Instantly Available Public Company Reports

Basic Pro

Private Company Data Collection

Collect Financials in Our Spreadsheet

Import Financial Statement Spreadsheets

Unlimited Updates

Basic Pro

100% Automated Public Company Analysis

Financial Statements & In-Depth Analysis

Collected from >200 Exchanges Worldwide

Market Cap, Prices & Trend

Basic Pro

Bankruptcy Probability


    90% of Bankruptcies 2 Years in Advance

    Public Bankruptcy Using Markets & Financials

    Private Bankruptcy Using Financials

Continuously Updated with Markets

Narrative Analysis of:

    Public Market Cap, Price, and Trends

    Liquidity Position and Trends

    Solvency Position and Trends

    Asset Performance and Trends

    Profitability and Trends

Understandable by Non-Accountants

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